GE Appliances Launches First Laundry Washing Machine With Bright Drop Laundry Balls

By Gavin | December 20, 2022

GE Appliances launches first laundry washing machine with bright drop laundry balls.

This GE washing machine is shaped like candy. Laundry balls with mighty washing power are sought after by many young Americans. But the independent packaging of laundry balls makes their dosage control a user problem.


GE Appliances launched the first washing machine to intelligently proportion the number of laundry balls used according to the fabric. And the weight and degree of stains, solving the problem of controlling the number of laundry balls when washing for the first time.

In the U.S., laundry balls are brightly colored, cute and compact, combining detergent and softener. And stain remover, in 3 effects, becomes the first detergent choice for many young people. However, the washing machine in the U.S. market does not have a particular laundry ball dispenser device.

Suppose the user puts the laundry ball into the detergent drawer. In that case, the laundry ball may not dissolve completely, resulting in the waste of the laundry ball or the laundry is not clean. So the user can only directly put the laundry ball and clothes together into the inner tube of the washing machine.

So that the high concentration of detergent in the dissolution is easy to adhere to the same piece of clothing, causing damage to the dress. In addition, a laundry ball must be collected and put into the washing machine. In addition, a laundry ball must collect 5kg of laundry to be washed together, so in case of less laundry, users can only melt it into laundry detergent in advance with water. And then use it several times on demand, which makes the laundry process more tedious.

Facing this difficulty, GE Appliances has innovated the first washing machine in the industry to install a laundry ball dispenser. In the future, when users wash clothes, the laundry balls can be placed directly into the specially designed dispensing drawer.

The detergent is quickly dissolved by a jet of water through the balls with the help of a particular water jet device. With GE Appliances' original "Smart Dispense" technology, the washing machine will intelligently proportion the amount of detergent used according to the laundry's fabric, weight, and stain level. "The Smart Dispense detergent dispenser is a way to simplify this task. So users don't have to worry about the number of detergent balls used," said David Wilson, senior director of GE Appliances' laundry business.

As a century-old U.S. appliance brand, GE Appliances laundry machines have been tailoring laundry solutions for users based on market changes and user needs. For example, in the U.S., office workers work quickly. Most people turn on the laundry program in the morning before going to work and do not have time to wait to dry their clothes after washing, and can only hang out their clothes after coming home from work.

GE Appliances washing machines have built-in WiFi in the washing machine to enable remote control of the washing machine at home through a cell phone APP. So users can plan their laundry, plus With the "Smart Dispense" feature, users can hang out their clothes after laundry is done. Now GE Appliances is launching a washing machine that can intelligently dispense laundry balls, making laundry easier while giving users more choices in detergent.

Companies can face users' needs and solve their problems with innovative products bound to be recognized by the market. According to AHAM data, GE Appliances had a 25.9% overall appliance share from week 1-40 this year, with wave washing machines, gas, and built-in ovens being the top-selling products in the United States.