New Technology Washer Dryer From GE

By Gavin | February 10, 2022

I'm going to be showing off these new GE Ultra-Fresh washers and dryers. I think many people want to know more about these new machines to review, so I'm going to try to do a review.

These are the new GE washers and dryers. I don't know if I should call them super fresh units because the washer is a new ventilation system unit and the dryer. I think it is more like a standard dryer.


But there's a lot of cool technology, and now we're replacing a set of Samsung washers and dryers.

Now, I purchased these GE appliances. These are kind of exciting products just because almost everyone has them. We can get this latest GE washing machine at Home Depot and our local appliance stores.

Oh, by the way, GE sales advise us to do the GEAppliances register on the official website URL is:

GE Washing Machines Have A 10-Year Warranty

This washer also has a steam function, which has 12 wash cycles, and the dryer has 12 dry cycles.

This GE washer has a 10-year warranty, which is fantastic. Comparatively, Samsung washers have a one year, so that's a significant advantage that GE has over Samsung washers.

GE New Technology Washer

Germicidal Function

There's a significant advantage here as well. This lining material right here is called microbial. It's an antimicrobial lining that can actually resist any type of mold, so that's really cool. It can kill bacteria, and it should do all kinds of cool things.

If I open it up, it's not in a loop right now. You'll see the same material lining the entire seal, which is really great.

WIFI Function

But what I really like is the features that you can get here, some of the features that you traditionally only find on Samsung or LG washing machines. This has, they don't even have, first of all, they're all Wi-Fi.

So you can connect to them using our downloadable GE app, which you can download through the GE app. You can access your washer and dryer via Wi-Fi. 

You can set it up, you can do delayed washing, and you can be notified when they are done.

Ultra-Fresh Function

I also like that this has a really cool feature called Ultra-Fresh.

The way it works is that when you are done with the laundry. You just press the super fresh vent, and it goes into this ventilation mode. You can hear it beep as it does this and pulses again. It uses a sensor to determine how long it's been drying, and then it shuts off.

One-Step Wash And Dry Function

That's really nice, and another really cool feature of this washer is that it has a one-step working mode. Another cool part of this washer is its one-step wash and dry part. So the washer itself, if you throw small clothes, pillowcases, and things like that, can actually wash and dry those items without moving them to the dryer.

So this washer has superior technology, and they all have Wi-Fi capability. So you can know when your laundry is done and when you need to put more clothes in.

You can tell when your load is done and when you need to put on more clothes. Also, we got the base. These have a charming matte blue look.

Quiet Clothes Dryer

You could say this is a very, very quiet dryer. So far, we have been very impressed with the performance of the washer and dryer.


This big blue guy is what I want to introduce today GE New Technology Washer Dryer。

There are very much practical able, not so much gimmick, is a great washing machine for home use.

And the sound when working is acceptable.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation.