How To Connect GE Washer And Drier To WIFI Smart HQ

By Gavin | February 10, 2022

How to connect GE washer and drier to WIFI smart HQ?

First, we have to press and hold the 'Time Saver' button for three seconds until that Wifi light blinks like this.

Then, we need to find the connection password and network. You have to open the washing machine's door to find your password and network. This is easy to find on the label provided by GE on the washing machine's door.

Step By Step On How To Connect Smart HQ To Your GE

  1. Now let's connect to our GE application. Use the GE app to find your GE device.

  2. Click on the next one, and then the next one.

  3. The next step is where you are required to provide the password and the GE network. Enter the password we found earlier. It's inside the washer door.

  4. It will then connect to the GE system.

  5. You will notice that this takes quite a while, and then it will ask you to join your home network.

  6. If you can't find it, make sure you refresh.

  7. It is communicating between the application and the device. You will notice that this will take a while. In fact, it will be at least like 2-3 minutes.

I noticed that at each step, the application takes a long time. So make sure you don't quit the application and just wait.

I would only refresh when it's trying to connect to your home network. Other than that, just be a little patient. It's still looking for the device.

Now that it's done, it will take quite a while.

Then you'll notice that this is the tutorial for connecting the washer. Since I also bought a GE dryer, the dryer is now being touched. So you follow the same method and process, and the dryer is no different.

Now you can notice that the wifi symbol on the washing machine's display is no longer blinking. This indicates that a connection to the home network has been made.