GE Appliances Launches Its First Washing Machine That Removes Bacteria And Odors

By Gavin | December 20, 2022

GE Appliances launches its first washing machine that removes bacteria and odors.

GE Appliances has launched the first and only drum washing machine with the UltraFresh system, which keeps the washing machine clean and prevents odors and bacteria, so users don't need to wipe the device after each use or open the door to reduce odors.


GE Appliances launched its first and only drum washing machine with the UltraFresh (Ultra Clean) system, which keeps the machine clean and prevents odors and bacteria. With this washer, users do not need to wipe the washer after each use or leave the door open to reduce odors.

To prevent water, dirt, and laundry detergent from spilling onto the floor, the inner drum of a drum washing machine is usually sealed with a rubber gasket.

But after each wash, residual moisture will collect in the rubber gasket. In the long run, the washing machine will produce mold, odor, and other problems. Survey results show that 46% of consumers said that the most that could not be unbearable in the drum washing machine process are mold or odor.

And even one-tenth of the drum washing machine users can not stand the smell and change back to the wave washing machine. "To solve the washing machine odor, many consumers have to clean the washing machine after each use, wipe the gasket and leave the door open," said Peter Pepe, vice president of product management for the company.

GE Appliances spent two and a half years developing a new ultra-clean washing machine that handles odor problems in three areas. We all know moisture is the biggest obstacle to keeping a washing machine fresh and clean.

GE Appliances introduced the Ultra Clean washing machine with a more comprehensive, angled washer that drains residual moisture from the washer after the laundry is completed.

In addition, the primary purpose of the Ultra Clean system is to maximize the removal of excess moisture by simply pressing a button to generate fresh, new airflow and laundry. Finally, the washer's gaskets, dispenser, and pump all feature Microban's antibacterial technology, which further inhibits the production of bacteria.

In addition to keeping the washer odor-free, the washer is also equipped with intelligent features. In addition to remote start and monitoring of the laundry process through the mobile app, the Washer Link feature connects to the dryer, allowing the dryer to intelligently select the optimal drying program based on the material, weight, and moisture level of the laundry inside the washer.

The washer can intelligently proportion the amount of detergent according to the laundry's fabric, weight, and stain level. It is understood that the washing machine will be available in January next year.

GE Appliances has innovated products around users' needs as a century-old American home appliance brand. Previously, it also launched the first washing machine with intelligent placement of laundry balls.

Which solved the problem of controlling the number of laundry balls when washing for American users and gained the support of users. According to AHAM data, GE Appliances' revenue grew 12.6% year-on-year in the first half of this year, achieving 13 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.

Since joining Haier in 2016, GE Appliances, under the guidance of the "human-unit-in-one" model, has accurately grasped users' pain points.

And continuously developed and launched new intelligent products, which have upgraded users' washing experience and deepened the globalization layout.