GEAppliances Dishwasher - Advanced Wash System

By Gavin | December 14, 2018

This is a GE Profile dishwasher. I'm going to show you how to use this Profile dishwasher. This is a smaller version of the Profile dishwasher. What you want to do is load the dishes in there appropriately, making sure nothing is hanging below the racks because it can stop the propellers or the sprayers from spraying if you have things there.

You will enter your dishwasher detergent here once you load it. If you have a dishwashing pod, you just toss it in there. You can place powder or liquid here if you have either. And you can add both compartments right there if you wish to pre-wash. It's only extra soap you could pour in there, not even a pre-wash.


Once you have the soap in there, you can press this until it clicks and locks into place. Make sure you have enough rinse aid in here. You'd typically have to fill in rinse aid probably once a month up to the fill line. You can adjust how much is dispensed by moving this lever right there. After you've determined how much you want dispensed and filled it up, go ahead and replace the cap for the rinse aid.

Next, close the door on the dishwasher. Then, come over here and press the on button. Once you press the on button, you can make a selection on what type of cycle you want: heavy, normal, light, glasses, air dry, speed, or rinse. You have all of these options, as well as a delay option. You can press this and delay it up to 24 hours if you choose to, or you can go back to zero for no delay.

So, I have it on rinse, but I'm going to switch to normal. Once you select the desired cycle, simply close it. The wash will start after you have selected the cycle and added the dishwasher detergent.


Loading and running your GE Profile dishwasher effectively means loading dishes correctly, using the correct detergent and rinse aid, choosing the desired cycle, and maybe adding a delay timer.

Use the correct amount of detergent and rinse aid, change the rinse aid dispenser, and tightly close the dishwasher door throughout the procedure.

Following these guidelines will help you not only keep your dishwasher running but also guarantee that your dishes come out dry and brilliantly clean.